Tuesday Singers

Welcome to the Tuesday Singers website November 2017

We were sure we had some more recent pictures but none are 'good' enough !

        This year we have celebrated our 50th anniversary as a choir . So for our April concert we invited all our previous conductors  and all who had supported us to come and take part . We managed to find many golden raffle prizes and had fun decorating the Newlands Girls School Hall in as much gold as we could find.

     Our charity for the whole year has been the Sequela Foundation. This group meets in Maidenhead to support anyone with any illness that has caused problems within the brain.  One of our former members is finding great support from attending the group and she suggested Sequela to us.                                                 From our 2 concerts we have been able to send them £850.00

    The November concert unfortunately clashed with several other concerts here in Maidenhead but those who attended enjoyed joining in and also listening to the brilliant accordion playing of our guest, Keith Russell.

    Our next concert will  be at Newlands Girls  School  on April 14th, 2018.  Our guest has not been chosen yet    .The charity for next year will be the First Responders, 3 of whom who attended our last concert as First Aiders .

We have started rehearsing for the next concert but also will be singing some Christmas music at our final rehearsal cum party in December and then to the pub for coffee and mince pies and fellowship

We would be delighted to welcome new members to the choir

    The choir meet on Tuesday  mornings at St Marks Crescent Methodist Church, Allenby Rd, Maidenhead SL6 5BH       Rehearsals start promptly at 10 a.m, finishing at 11.45 when many members adjourn to the New Inn for coffee.

    Even if you haven't sung for a while, come and have a try, it will take a while to build your voice up again but the joy of singing will enhance your life.  Mastering a new song is a great pleasure.  
You are welcome to join us for a few weeks while you decide if you enjoy our repertoire and whether you would like to work hard and accept the challenge of Helen's conducting.    We are expected to live the music, do come and experience living each emotion!      It shows in our performances !

  Once you have decided to join there is a short interview/audition with Helen and our deputy conductor,Pat, to check you have chosen the correct part to sing with. This happens at the end of a rehearsal, once the choir have left.
   We pay our subs every quarter either by cheque or Direct debit . The music is bought out of our subs and so belongs to the choir .  Remember to mark any helpful notes in pencil !
Concert at St Mark's church November 2014 in aid of Macular Degeneration Society   

      Our pleasure in performing and entertaining is enhanced by watching peoples' reactions when they recognise  an old favourite song  and are encouraged to join in.    This is especially true in the relaxed atmosphere when entertaining local clubs.    To give the choir a short rest we intersperse our  songs with poems or readings and also solos from individual choir members. 

     We really enjoy singing to local clubs, nursing homes and anyone who asks us.   The choir charges a fee that   covers the costs of the performance.

     In the Spring and Autumn or Winter we arrange our 2  public concerts with the money raised  divided between supporting a local charity, usually suggested by choir members, and choir funds.