2017 news

Tickets: £10 (Child £5)
Supporting: Sequela Foundation
Therapy Centre for people with Neurological Conditions Charity No. 1148465
Newlands Girls’ School, Farm Road
Guest Artist
Maidenhead, SL6 5JB
Conductor: Helen Styles
November 4th 2017 @ 7.30pm
Pianist: James Church
Inc. Wine/Juice
Keith Russell
Members’ Families & Friends For Help, Support & Raffle Prizes
Thames Valley Printers Printing of Flyers and Posters
Judith & John Timewell & Ros Hazeldine Box Office
Nash & Sons Florist, Bridge Avenue Flowers for Auction
Community First Responders (CFRs) - in attendance this evening -are volunteers, trained by and dispatched by their local ambulance service, to life threatening 999 emergencies. They are trained in basic life support and use of defibrillation to pro-vide early life-saving skills prior to the arrival of an ambulance resource. In the case of cardiac arrest, for every minute that passes without cardio-pulmonary resuscita-tion and defibrillation, a patients’ chances of survival decreases by 14%. They answer calls in their immediate neighbourhood therefore the chances of them arriv-ing before an ambulance, especially in the more rural areas is vital in providing immediate life-saving treatment. These extra minutes do save lives. Some of them have full time jobs, some are retired, some have children at school, but they all put their uniforms on when they have a few hours ‘spare time’ and make themselves available to ambulance control for deployment from their homes. Cheryl Matthews
The Tuesday Singers A warm welcome to you all for the second concert in our 50th Anniversary year. I know its 'Firework Saturday' but regard this evening as an inter-lude of musical pleasure and an antedote to all that racket outside. We are still in celebratory mood and we hope you enjoy an evening of varied musical pieces, some of which I feel you may be asked to add your voices to. All new singers welcome at rehearsal on Tuesdays 10.00 am in St Mark’s Methodist Church! Margaret English
The Sequela Foundation is a charity supporting neurological well-being for people in East Berkshire with Parkinson's, or any other neurological condition. There are weekly meetings on a Tuesday from 10.30 to 14.30 at the Sequela Therapy centre in Grove Park, White Waltham. During these meetings the charity offers a range of therapies including massage, reflexology and various forms of exercise as well as a self-help net-work for the members who enjoy the opportunity to socialise with others who share neurological challenges. The charity started in Jan. 2012 and is totally dependent on fundraising events and donations, and a wonderful team of unpaid volunteers. Anke Heley