About the Tuesday Singers

written September 2012  by the then chairman, Jean Gregory.

At the April 2016 concert Jean had just retired as chairman so a presentation was made to her thanking her for all her expert organisation of the choir.
 We are delighted that she is still singing in the choir and has agreed to be our Honorary President.

In 1967, a group of 16 ladies met in the home of Ruth & Bert Hand on Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead. Babies in carry cots and tiny tots were welcome too. The morning would begin with coffee and chat: then the ladies would sing, accompanied by Ruth at the piano, while Bert coped with the washing up. We became known as 'The Beruscas', a name composed from the Hand family members. We entertained at residential homes and nursing homes; also taking part in various music festivals as far away as Blackpool.

When Ruth moved to Devon we thought we would have to disband. However, we all wanted to continue singing, so one of the choir offered her home, plus piano, for us to continue meeting on  a Tuesday. l approached a friend who had a beautiful voice and was a conductor. Maggie Davies agreed to take us on; which she did for the next 12 years. During this time she would never say 'no' to any request for us to sing. On one occasion there were only 7 of us available for a particular date. We still went so as not to let an audience down. When entertaining at Masonic dinners, the men loved her. She would sit on their knees and flirt outrageously with them. By this time we were a much larger choir. In those days we had no need of a committee, only a treasurer.

When, after 12 years, her husband's job took them back to Ireland, we were devastated. However, another friend of mine had recently retired and I approached John Timewell, again both a singer and a musical director. He was with us for 9 years, during which time he was responsible for the choir starting to perform two public charity concerts a year. He also introduced a committee, as we were much larger and far more busy. He took us to a very high standard, leaving us in March 2007.
Running out of available friends, we advertised for a conductor, and a young musician named Adam Balkwill became our conductor for 18 months. He had warned us that he was waiting to go to the Royal College of Music,  He started introducing more up-beat music such as 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
On his leaving, I did then have another iron in the fire. The wife of a friend, a musician and, again, a musical director, was willing to become our conductor, Pippa Eden. We moved onto things like 'The Rhythm of your Life' and 'You raised me up', to name just two. Sadly, we lost Pippa to health reasons after 2 years. In late 2011, Colleen Garrett became our  conductor,  but she has just left us [ September 2012]  
  At the beginning of January 2013 we were delighted to welcome Helen Styles as our conductor, with The Rhythm of Life and Bohemian Rhapsody back on the agenda.
Maggie Fletcher was pleased to rejoin the altos, having led us through the autumn and Christmas events with her usual vivacious manner .
When we have been without a conductor our charity concerts have been conducted by our good friend Graham Barker . We do appreciate his support.

When Maggie Davies came she brought Richard West to play for us, who proved to be a very true and loyal friend to the choir until he retired.
She also changed our name to Tuesday Singers.

We have 2 public coffee mornings a year at the Methodist Church in Maidenhead High Street and one social coffee morning in a member's garden. We also have a dinner to which husbands and friends are always invited. The camaraderie we have is second to none. We had many sad times, but happy ones too. We're very supportive of each other. There are only 7 original 'Berusca's left within the choir now and most of us now have white hair and plastic joints.

Social gathering
Our pianist now, however, is James Church, who we are most fortunate to have. He's a very young but brilliant musician that we all love and want to mother.
Over the years we've sung at weddings, funerals, renewal of wedding vows service, and at numerous venues; also winning a number of music festivals: but mainly having made many thousands of pounds for local charities.

John Timewell and his wife still support us, helping on box office duties. Several husbands and friends also come to our aid at our public concerts; as does the florist Nash & Son of Bridge Road, Maidenhead. We are forever grateful.

We meet Tuesday mornings at St. Marks Church, Maidenhead from 10am to 11.45am. We're always happy to have new prospective members  and give them a warm and friendly welcome.

I have been chairman for 14 years and am always proud of the choir and what we have achieved over the years. Music is so therapeutic.                                                                                               Jean E Gregory